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There are two ways your brew can support the Pink Boots Society mission. The first is quite simple:

1) Purchase the Yakima Chief Annual Pink Boots Hop Blend.

Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) partners with us every year to make an exclusive Pink Boots hop blend. Members and Chapters across the world participate in the annual hop rub (blend, vote, and final selection). This may or may not include your local chapter depending on whether they signed up. Yakima Chief Hops donates a portion from every packet sold back to Pink Boots Society.

Please note: There is no commitment to participate in the official Collaboration Brew Day or directly donate funds to Pink Boots Society if you simply buy the Pink Boots Hop Blend.

We do not receive any notification about the beer you are brewing using the Pink Boots hop blend.

In order to use the official Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® logo, our CBD promotional tools and images, or any other Pink Boots intellectual property to promote the beer you brewed with our hop blend, you must officially register to participate in Collaboration Brew Day.

2) Register for Collaboration Brew Day

Anyone in the industry — regardless of gender or Pink Boots membership status — from anywhere in the world can participate in Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day®. Registration enables you to use the official Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day logo on your packaging and merchandise as well as a variety of promotional resources we’ve created for you in our CBD Toolkit. By participating in Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® each participating brewery pledges to donate proceeds of their associated beer sales to Pink Boots Society for tax recording purposes. Donations from your brew day (in the amount you choose) contribute to the scholarship and educational programs offered by Pink Boots throughout the year.

We encourage breweries in Aotearoa New Zealand to host Collaboration Brew Days in order to directly benefit members and supporters of Pink Boots Society.

Find out more, including a map of this year’s registered breweries: here.

While separate actions, Pink Boots Collaboration Brew Day® (CBD) and the Pink Boots Hop Blend go hand-in-hand as both raise funds to support Pink Boots scholarships and our mission.

Use our contact page to get in touch if you’d like to host a brew day with Pink Boots NZ members!

Pink Boots Collab Brews!

This page archives some our previous collaborations with some fantastic breweries around New Zealand.

If we’ve missed out a brew that you think should be on the list, please let us know! We’d love to capture all of the creations that have come and gone over the years, and especially give a shout-out to the great breweries & suppliers that supported us along the way. You guys rock!

Collaboration Brews

Did you know? We were the first chapter to brew a collaboration brew for IWD in 2013, starting at 8:00am local time. In 2020, women across the world brewed together in one hundred different locations.*

*Nurin, Tara. A Woman’s Place is in the Brewhouse. Chicago Review Press Incorporated, 2021. Page 126.

Bright Ideas Hazy IPA - 6.7%

Pink Boots NZ x Liberty Collab Brew

For IWD 2023, we collaborated with Liberty Brewing Co. using the 6th Annual Pink Boots hop blend.

Selling now! orders@libertybrewing.co.nz

Yeah The Girls Hazy IPA - 5.5%

Sprig + Fern

Sprig + Fern brewed this Special Release Hazy IPA as a nod to women in the beer industry. Released in June 2022.

Brave Noise Pale Ale - 4.6% ABV

Beer Baroness

Collaboration between The Good Fight - a side venture of Beer Baroness - with Pink Boots NZ and with support from the Brewers Guild of NZ. You can learn more about it here.

High Ground Hazy IPA - 6.6% ABV

Pink Boots NZ x Deep Creek Collab Brew

Named due to the tsunami warnings, this was scheduled to be a members’ brew day for IWD 2021 however there were Covid restrictions and a potential tsunami at the time. High Ground is a one off keg release using the 2020 Pink Boots hop selection, giving a flavour profile of ripe papaya and pineapple. All proceeds go to the education of women in the brewing industry.

L.B. Brut (Brutiful) IPA - 6%

Pink Boots NZ x Parrotdog Collab Brew

Brewed for Beervana 2020, which took place in November. Our members gathered at Parrotdog in Lyall bay in October to brew this Brut IPA.

Girl Kawa, Kawakawa Saison - 5.5% ABV

Pink Boots NZ x Fortune Favours Collab Brew

Brewed in collaboration with Fortune Favours for IWD 2020, this Kawakawa saison used foraged NZ Kawakawa and yeast donated by Gladfield Malt. The International Women’s Day theme for 2020 was 'Creating an Equal and Enabled world’, so the choice to use Kawakawa (an equal parts word) was easy.

Batten Down The Hatches - Hazy IPA - 6.1% ABV

Pink Boots NZ x Little Creatures Collab Brew

Brewed in March 2019 for IWD at Little Creatures, Hobsonville, with Pink Boots members from a wide number of breweries, bars and brewing suppliers, including; Liberty, Behemoth, McLeods, Garage Project, Isthmus, Steam and The Herbalist Breweries. Batten Down The Hatches used the 2019 Yakima Chief Hops Pink Boots blend made of Loral, Glacier, Mosaic, Sabro and Simcoe hops. The brew was finished off with a final dry hopping of Zythos hops.

All the Ladies - Coffee Stout 5% ABV

Beer Baroness

This lip-smacking coffee stout was made in collaboration with Beer Baroness Brewing Company, Christchurch. Beans were kindly donated from the great folk at Allpress Coffee. We poured this brew at Beervana 2018 & 2019.

What's the Tea? - Hazy Pale Ale 6.2% ABV

Little Creatures

Brewed at Little Creatures, Hobsonville, for the 2019 GABS beer festivals in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. A berrylicious Hazy Pale Ale featuring the 2019 Pink Boots Hop blend, and in collaboration with Kaikoura based teamaker Wildflower Botanicals. We decided to use one of her handmade tea blends which complements our beer perfectly and will have you asking "What's the Tea?"

North End - La Luna Pink 5%

North End Brewing

The fourth of our Beervana 2018 beers, a special version of a well loved Gose combining mild lactic tartness, coriander spicing, a malt accenting salt character and a hearty dose of Hibiscus for that Luna Pink glow.

Little Red Bus - Red IPA 6.5% ABV

Pink Boots NZ x Panhead Collab Brew

Brewed with Pink Boots members in July 2018 in collaboration with Panhead Brewery, Upper Hutt. This great brew was named after Amelia Earhart’s aircraft, a 5B Vega which she flew alone across the Atlantic Ocean non-stop, as the first woman ever to do so. Made using all-American hops for a good bitterness dose, but has a nice malty sweetness!

All the Ladies - Coffee Stout 5% ABV

Pink Boots NZ x Beer Baroness Collab Brew

This lip-smacking coffee stout was made in collaboration with Pink Boots members at Beer Baroness Brewing Company, Christchurch. Beans were kindly donated from the great folk at Allpress Coffee. Sweet and creamy, with light roasted notes and a great coffee flavour coming through! We brewed this beer in July 2018 and poured it at Beervana in 2018 & 2019.

B.A.B.E. (Barrel Aged Bourbon Extra) - Bourbon Barrel Aged Black IPA 6.7% ABV

Pink Boots NZ x 8 Wired Collab Brew

Brewed at 8 Wired Brewing Company using the 2018 YCH special Pink Boots Society blend. This uses Possum Boots, a Black IPA, which has then been aged in a bourbon barrel. The base beer was brewed by Pink Boots NZ to celebrate International Women's Day 2018 and the barrel-age version was made for the GABS Festival, 2018. Hoppy with dark malts, a prominent note. Bourbon, malty goodness with a hint of vanilla, and subtle bitterness.

Possum Boots - Black IPA 6.3% ABV

Pink Boots NZ x 8 Wired Collab Brew

A delicious Black IPA brewed by Pink Boots members at 8 Wired Brewing Company, Warkworth for IWD 2018. Brewed with an all Weyermann malt bill and hopped with the 2018 Pink Boots Society Hop blend. This Black IPA has hints of coffee and chocolate balanced sublimely with the hop forwardness. Poured at Beervana 2018.

Heard it Through the Grape Lime - Gose 4.8% ABV

Liberty Brewing Co.

A collaboration brew between Liberty Brewing Company, Auckland and Pink Boots NZ. A refreshing citrus and grape aroma, with a mild citrus lime sour mouthfeel & a lingering tart citrus finish. Delicious!

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