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What is Pink Boots?

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The Pink Boots Society (PBS) is a non-profit organization with international membership which supports women working in the brewing profession, especially in creating craft beer. The organization helps women brewers meet mentors, have the opportunity to network with other women in the profession and raises awareness of women in brewing. PBS also encourages women brewers to further their education and helps teach the skills needed to become beer judges. PBS raises money for scholarships for women to continue their education in brewing. There are around 1,800 members across the world.

Who are we?

We are the movers and shakers in the fermented/alcoholic beverage industry. We get the brew and ferment beverages to the highest possible quality. We also own breweries, package beverages, design and serve beverages, write industry content, and cover just about any aspect of the fermented/alcoholic beverages industry. Most importantly, we teach each other what we know through our own seminar programs, and we help each other advance our beer careers by raising money for educational scholarships.

Pink Boots’ Mission

Our mission is to assist, inspire, and encourage those who identify as women fermented/alcoholic beverage professionals, through education.

Get involved!

What we do: Collaboration Brew Days, beer events, social events, scholarships, educational opportunities.

How you can get involved: If you identify as a woman in the fermented beverage industry you can join! Paid members have access to international online events and scholarships.

If you are a bar or brewery:  You can support us by stocking Pink Boots brews, or brewing a Pink Boots collab beer. You can also run an event with us such as a sensory or tasting event, or a brewery tour.

Email us if you have ideas about how you’d like to get involved.

Who can join Pink Boots?

Pink Boots Society Membership is open to all women and/or non-binary individuals who meet the following qualifications:

1) Professional Membership:

Current or Retired Fermented/Alcoholic Beverage Industry Professionals who are employed and receiving 25% or more of their income from the industry or retired from a career (minimum 10 years) in the Fermented/Alcoholic Beverage Industry.

2) Business in Planning Membership:

Individuals in the process of opening a fermented/alcohol beverage related business, such as a brewery, taproom, brewpub, tasting room, bar, bottle shop or other service provider focused specifically on the Fermented/Alcoholic Beverage Industry.

3) Aspiring Membership:

Open to women and/or non-binary individuals currently studying/training in preparation to enter a career in the Fermented/Alcoholic Beverage Industry.

All beer is girl beer.

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