Who can join Pink Boots?

If you are a woman beer professional (you earn a wage from beer in some way), you are eligible to join Pink Boots New Zealand.  This could be in the form of:

* Making beer
* Selling
* Distributing
* Supplying the industry (malt, hops, kegs, bottles, these kinds of things)
* Running beer related events

I do not earn a wage from beer, but I really love beer, can I join Pink Boots?

Not at this time.  The Pink Boots Society was created to empower women beer professionals to advance their careers within the Beer Industry.

Do I have to be a brewer to join?

Not at all!  That's one of the great things about Pink Boots is it open to all women in the industry. 

How can I connect with other Pink Boots members?

Once your application is approved, we will put you in contact with the regional coordinator in the area closest to you.  They will then add you to their email list and keep you up to date with news or events in your region.  You can also follow Pink Boots New Zealand on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, or email us any time with any queries you have.  All of our events will be posted in the events section of the website.