Chair Person
Auckland regional coordinator

Lucie Campbell

Involved in all things beer: 

The Lumsden Freehouse, Wood Street Freehouse, Uptown Freehouse, Fresh Hop Auckland, Brewers Guild of NZ and of course Pink Boots. 

Drinks Stout.


Vice Chair Person

Ava Nakagawa

Not a fan of bios or blurbs.

Manager of Pomeroy's Christchurch.  Owner of Beer Baroness.  Craft Beer advocate for most of my adult life.  



Steph Howard

Malt, Malt, Malt & Malt.

Marketing coordinator for Cryermalt that loves everything beer. 


Wellington Regional Coordinator 

Stacey Walsh

My name is Stacey Walsh, originally from Dunedin I have been in Wellington and the beer industry since 2000. I started at The Malthouse which was a great experience witnessing the emergence of some great breweries that have helped in the foundations of the beer community we bare witness to today.

We started Little Beer Quarter in 2011, at which time there were only two main bars that had good beer and we felt that there was a gap in the market. The gap was a bar that was run and owned by women. We wanted to create a good pub for all but an environment that would enable women to comfortably drink and learn about beer.

Two years later I opened a second bar, Basque. Now, between 5 women we own 4 establishments.

My hope for Pink Boots New Zealand  is to be an inclusive society that supports both the men and women in our ranks to create a great culture of equality, education and support through any role they may have in the beer industry.

I love beer!

South Island Coordinator

Laura Finney

My involvement in the beer industry started in 2013 when my husbands passion for home brewing led us to open our own home brew shop in Christchurch. I didn't know anything about brewing before then but it soon became a big part of my life and I even somehow managed to win a home brew competition with my first ever all-grain brew!

We then started our own brewing company, Emporium Brewing and began contract brewing alongside running the shop until we decided we wanted a change of scenery and a permanent home for Emporium Brewing, so we are now in the process of installing our own 1000 litre brewery in beautiful Kaikoura.

Committee Member

Nicola Kay

My passion for brewing started from when I studied food science at Otago with JP (Prof. Jean Pierre Dufour).

My 20 years in brewing have taken me from NZ to Australia, then UK and back to NZ.  In that time I have had roles across technical, new product development, packaging and brewing.

Known to say to people who say they don’t like beer – “You just haven’t looked hard enough to find the right one”

I’m excited to be part of the Pink Boots team to help do my part to create a world where everyone has choices and can be the best they can be, free from stereotypes.

Committee Member

Lee Brown

As the General Manager at Sprig & Fern Brewery based in Richmond, Nelson, my passion for craft beer is relatively new.  Moving to NZ from Sydney has meant immersing myself in the industry as much as possible. Under the Sprig & Fern brand there are 11 bars/ taverns nationally and we also distribute our products in 1.25L PET, 500ml and 330ml six packs nationally so it gives me the ability to see all the NZ beer market has to offer – and it is good!!!

I hope being part of the Pink Boots committee will showcase to other women in the industry that it is about inclusion and networking for all – the more the merrier!